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Pay Your 2020 Dues Today

The LOECA’s ability to serve our community is made possible through your dues payments, which includes the distribution of this newsletter. The 2020 annual LOECA Dues are $30.00 and can be paid via PayPal at, or via check payable to Lake Osborne Estates Civic Association, Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 6014, Lake Worth, FL 33466-6014.

You are getting water system upgrades, and and airport watchdog, enhanced code enforcement, and coordination with PBSO all thanks to the efforts of LOECA and your involved neighbors! $30.00 per year is a minuscule investment to make towards sustaining your property values and the character of our community.

Make checks payable to Lake Osborne Estates Civic Association, Inc. and mail to LOECA, Inc., P.O. Box 6014, Lake Worth, FL 33466-6014 or make payment through PayPal:

Thank you to all residents who have paid their dues and continue to support your LOECA!

 Water System Upgrades 

Water System Replacement Update: Click on the document graphic to see the handout with the timeline and a map on the back of the area affected for Phase 1. They will come back and present at our July 2019 General meeting if the timeline allows. Phase II will follow in 2020.

Water System Update 4/22/19

Water System Update Map

Lantana Airport Update

Our Civic Association is in a coalition with other communities that surround the Lantana Airport. That coalition is being spearheaded  by The City of  Atlantis. Allan Kaulbach is an Atlantis City Councilman that campaigned for office on the need to modify some of the airport’s behavior. He and the City Manager, Brian Moree have been representing us at meetings with the Palm Beach County Government which includes the Department of Airports. Our efforts are aimed at maintaining the  Ban on Jets at the Lantana Airport (LNA) and the Voluntary Guidelines that have pertained to all flight activity including helicopters. The Ban on Jets has been challenged with the FAA. Palm Beach County is appealing the decision by the FAA to allow jets and has taken the position that it is still currently illegal for jets to land or take off at the airport. Simultaneously the FAA is funding an Airport Study known as a Part 150 Study. The vendor to perform that study was acquired by Public Bid and is in the process of beginning the Study. A part of the Study is having  meeting for Public Comment. That may happen in the near future and it will be your opportunity to express yourself. Please be ready to help us state our concerns. We announce the meeting dates and time on our various media. Do not miss this opportunity.

Trash and Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

Tuesdays: Trash Pick-Up, Recycling & Landscaping 

Fridays:  Trash Pick-up

Important Phone Numbers

  • PBSO, Non-Emergency (561) 688-3400

  • PBC Noise Abatement (561) 471-7488

  • PBC Code Enforcement Office (561) 233-5500

  • Airport Noise Line (561) 683-0472

  • PBC Animal Care & Control (561) 233-1200

  • Solid Waste / Advanced Disposal (561) 471-6110

  • Report Aircraft Noise Issues PBC Airport Noise Line (561) 683-0472

  • Report Aircraft Safety Issues FAA Flight Standards Office (954) 641-6114

Electronic Newsletter

In an effort to reduce costs associated with the mailing of the newsletter, we are offering residents an opportunity to receive an electronic copy of the LOECA Newsletter. If you would like to be part of the electronic distribution of our newsletter, please email at your earliest convenience.

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