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The LOECA’s ability to serve our community is made possible through your dues payments, which includes the distribution of this newsletter. The 2020 annual LOECA Dues are $30.00 and can be paid via PayPal at, or via check payable to Lake Osborne Estates Civic Association, Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 6014, Lake Worth, FL 33466-6014.

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 Water System Upgrades 

November 2020 Update: City of Lake Worth Beach Water System Improvements – Handouts
attached. Dimitrios read off the handouts. 121 homes out of 238 are completed. Final unit will be the end of
January. That will finish out phase 1. 39 new connections associated with the new expansion were added to
Phase 1 due to inaccurate information regarding the original water lines. The expansion is scheduled to be
completed April 8th

. Charles Rhoads explained that Phase 2 eastern / southern side of the subdivision, are

scheduled to be budgeted for 2024.

Water System Update 4/22/19

Water System Update Map

Lantana Airport Update

2 Updates as of November 2020:
1. Regarding the fixed wing aircraft that zooms real low, M22BR, complaints have been filed with the FAA in
July 2019. Most recently I received a letter that says they didn’t violate any rules. Filed a freedom of
information request, that’s pending. Aircraft Operator, Island Time Charters, invited Carlos Serrano, Larry
Silver and Bill Coakley to come and talk about their concerns. They claim the radar isn’t accurate. With that
aircraft loaded heavily, they have to maintain a certain speed to remain airborne. When they take off eastbound
into our neighborhood they are a little low but they’re trying to maintain speed to remain airborne. They did
reveal that they have hired an attorney against the FAA investigation to keep from getting a violation. We have
leverage there since they want to avoid generating any more complaints from this neighborhood. It seems
they’ve adjusted their flight pattern in the past month, since we met with them.
2. The Noise Study got interrupted because of COVID. Things have progressed in recent months. The
consultant has completed all its data; flight data and noise recordings. There was a public meeting last night
where they presented some of that data. They haven’t developed the noise maps or the recommendations, but it
was an opportunity for residents to give some import. I did receive some information from residents and
submitted that to be recorded as public comment. I have a copy of the letter we submitted with comments.

Consultant will prepare the draft of the noise map and it will be made available for public comment. It will be
available on the website:

Trash and Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

Tuesdays: Trash Pick-Up, Recycling & Landscaping 

Fridays:  Trash Pick-up

Important Phone Numbers

  • PBSO, Non-Emergency (561) 688-3400

  • PBC Noise Abatement (561) 471-7488

  • PBC Code Enforcement Office (561) 233-5500

  • Airport Noise Line (561) 683-0472

  • PBC Animal Care & Control (561) 233-1200

  • Solid Waste / Advanced Disposal (561) 471-6110

  • Report Aircraft Noise Issues PBC Airport Noise Line (561) 683-0472

  • Report Aircraft Safety Issues FAA Flight Standards Office (954) 641-6114

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