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Lake Osborne Estates
Civic Association, Inc.

Officers and Board Members

Board Members: Team Members


Mary Adam

Mary Adam brings a fresh perspective on the issues that our community of 450 homes face. Enthusiastic and willing to dig in, she has already been heavily involved in matters of our neighborhood and its surroundings. Mary has seven years of service on her previous homeowner’s association, in various roles. She is international, speaks three languages and is an animal lover.

Her and her partner Joe, are very committed to being part of our Lake Osborne Estates Community.



June Bingham

We welcome June Bingham to the Lake Osborne Estates Civic Association for 2022. Thank you for volunteering your time serving on the board to help keep Lake Osborne Estates the best neighborhood to live in.




VACANT POSITION - Please consider volunteering your time serving on the board to help keep Lake Osborne Estates the best neighborhood to live in.

Tara Photo.jpeg


Tara Maule

Tara Maule is one of the LOECA’s longest-serving and most-dedicated members. She has been a resident of Lake Osborne Estates since 1977. She is married with two children and just welcomed a beautiful grandchild. She is originally from Long Island, NY. She is a housewife and volunteer and she has done this for 57 years. Her hero is her daughter because she is the sweetest, kindest, smartest person. Her biggest accomplishment in life is her marriage and kids. What she hopes to still accomplish is do more traveling overseas. She is most passionate about honesty and helping people. Her quote to live by is, “It is what it is.” Tara’s skills include running an art gallery and painting. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and art. She was a member of the C.O.P. for 24 years; the Sunshine Chair of the American German Club; and the Treasurer of Primetimers at church. You would be surprised to learn that Tara has produced and directed a floor show. What Tara loves best about Lake Osborne Estates is the lake, convenience to I-95 & shopping and her neighbors. What she hopes to accomplish with the LOECA in 2017-2018 is to find more community minded members. She is motivated to serve because she cares about the community and she feels it’s her obligation. If Tara could spend a week anywhere in the world she would go to Olympia, WA to visit her best girlfriend.




VACANT POSITION - Please consider volunteering your time serving on the board to help keep Lake Osborne Estates the best neighborhood to live in.

Larry - Photo.jpg


Larry Silver

Larry Silver has been a resident of Lake Osborne Estates since 1957. He is married to Janis Klime and has four children. Larry is originally from Dayton, OH, but he grew up in Lake Osborne Estates. He attended Sacred Heart Catholic School, Lake Worth High School and Ohio University. For the last 31 years he has been (and still is) the owner of Insurance, Investments and More, Inc. Larry’s hero is his father because he always helped others and set an example worth following. His biggest accomplishment is raining his children who are good parents themselves, good citizens, and successful. Larry is a world traveler. He has traveled throughout Europe, India, and the Caribbean. He is hoping to one day visit Africa and Australia. Larry is most passionate about exercise, specifically riding his Catrike Recumbent Cycle around Lake Osborne and John Prince Park. In his free time, Larry enjoys gardening with his wife Janis, and completing home improvement projects. You may be surprised to learn Larry loves to spend time alone at home. Larry loves Lake Osborne Estates because it’s a family friendly community close to the ocean and accessible to all of South Florida via I-95. In 2018, he hopes to grow the association membership. If Larry could spend a week anywhere in the world, it would be with all of his loved ones who have left this earth. Larry’s favorite quotes are: (1) Know thyself; (2) Be the change you want to see in others.



Stacey Serrano

Stacey Serrano has been a resident of Lake Osborne Estates since 2010 where she shares a home with her husband Carlos Serrano and their two incredible daughters, Ariana and Lena.  Originally from Bronx, NY, Stacey moved to Florida when she was just eight years old.  It was definitely an adjustment from City life to Beach life but it seems she has adjusted well.  Stacey has been an employee with Palm Beach County since 2008, where she's cultivated a diverse skill set through a variety of roles in several County departments and applies them to her role as a Board Member.  She is  a UF Online Class of 2021 Graduate, earning her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management.   

Stacey is a soccer mom, coffee lover and fish slayer. She loves her day trips to Disney World & Universal Studios with her daughter. She enjoys volunteering for causes close to her heart. She even loves a little retail therapy.  Her favorite thing about living in Lake Osborne Estates is that everything she loves is not too far away. Her goal as a member of the LOECA is to get more people involved in the community and help neighbors meet neighbors.



Carlos Serrano

Carlos Serrano was born and raised in the Lake Worth area, and has long-standing ties to Lake Osborne Estates.  As a child, every day after school he walked from Barton Elementary to his grandparent’s house on Lake Geneva Drive which they built in 1960.  A number of his family and friends have called the neighborhood home over the years and several remain here today.  Carlos is a graduate of the University of Florida, and after a few years in the construction industry, embarked on a successful career with Palm Beach County that now spans 22 years.

In 2003, Carlos purchased the home he now shares with my wife, Stacey, and two daughters, Ariana and Lena.  You can often find him out in the neighborhood for an early morning run, a late afternoon stroll along the lake with his wife, outside playing with his daughters, or just passing through on his way to the beach.  Lake Osborne Estates offers the location, amenities, and living environment where they choose to make their family home.  Carlos loves this neighborhood and says it has been a pleasure to have been of service to it through LOECA.

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